Freshwater Fish In Florida

Florida is one of the world’s major fresh water fishing grounds. Freshwater fishing in Florida comprises of lakes, ponds and reservoir’s with an approximate acreage of about 3 million acres and fish able streams, rivers and canals of approximately 12000 miles. There are numerous fresh water fish species in Florida. They include the following:

(1) Acara Black: This species is normally found in the shallow waters especially the roadside ditches and also in other habitats that may as well harbourother species of fresh water fish. It grows to 8 inches and weighs approximately 4 ounces. It is omnivorous in nature.

(2) Bass Butterfly Peacock: this species is commonly found in the south east canals of Florida and also in rivers under shady cover. The bass butterfly peacock weighs up to 25 pounds and it is very aggressive in nature. They usually feed on live shiners and fish shaped lures.

(3) Bass large mouth: This is a native species in Florida and it’s Florida’s most popular game fish.They are commonly found in clear non flowing waters.However it can also dwell in other fresh water bodies. It grows to approximately as large as 12-24 inches. They usually feed on small lake mammals and birds,fish , frogs , salamanders and snakes among others.

(4) Bass sunshine: this fish species is also known as the whiper, it is a hybrid between stripped bass and white bass.These fish are heavy feeders and they feed on any kind of small fish including young fish and crustaceans. They do well in lakes or waters with plenty shade, they grow very fast and are also strong fighters.

(5) Cat fish blue: this is the largest catfish species in America, it grows to approximately 5 feet long and weighs an average of 60 pounds.The blue catfish is a native fish species found mainly in clear back waters and also large channels that lead to large bays. This species is commonly found in Northwest Florida and feeds on any species it comes around including frogs and freshwater mussels, which are in decline.

Other fresh water fish species in Florida include the following – Bluegill, Carp bighead, Bass white, Bass stripped, Molly fish, Saw fish ,e.t.c When conducting freshwater fishing in Florida one should target fishing in the lakes stated below: Lake Carrie Lake Apthorpe, Lake Clay, Lake Damon, Lake Denton, Lake Francis, Lake Glenada among others Florida has a set of fresh water fishing regulations that stipulates the guidelines and rules that govern fresh water fishing in Florida.

These regulations can be found in Florida statutes (for fresh water fishing chapter 379) and also in the Florida constitution (article 4 of FWC section 9). The abundance of sunshine, favourable and pleasant temperatures and a great number of lakes makes Florida the world’s richest fresh water fishing grounds.